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Author Topic: About maps imported from Quake 1  (Read 82157 times)

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i got the impression from the roadmap on the wiki ((DO NOT LINK) h t t p s : / / openarena . wikia . com/wiki/Roadmap#0.7_.28Done.21.29) that all the quake1 maps had been converted.

is there still work that needs doing on them? if so i wouldn't mind taking a look myself. i tried getting hold of them, but the link on id's website was broken.
Well, all the maps have been converted since the release of 0.7.0 but I didn't feel like they were from Q1 (I think Q3A and Q1 textures and feel aren't quite matching, that's why I redid Dm3 & Dm5 -- There are also overlapping brushes in the converted version)
There's another reason mentioned in the beginning of this topic (before I stole it... somehow) about the lack of use of the curves and Q3 graphical capabilities.

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