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Author Topic: cheating accusations, going to far.  (Read 44183 times)

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« Reply #50 on: September 05, 2007, 03:59:20 AM »

If someone could give th
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a cheater is VERY obvious becouse first of all the bot allwase aims for the closest enemy, this makes it realy easy to spot becouse sometimes it turns 180

Just so you know, that's old/incorrect information.

Now days with many/most cheats:

The angle can be completely controlled, for example 1-360 degrees.
The response time can be completely controlled to look more human.
The target can also be completely controlled, it can aim for the closest player or aim for the one firing at you or only aim at only certain players.

And must more unfortunately.

Until someone wants to code an anti-cheat that looks at what the cheat does rather than it's memory footprint, certain files or certain cvars, all of which are completely defeated (Yes, PB is the biggest joke ever conceived for an anti-cheat) then we will always have cheats in gaming and there will always be suspicion of good players and accusations.

Just learn to live with it, don't insult the other player and don't explain yourself more than once that your not cheating, anything less is just going to convince them, besides you only need to worry about what the admin thinks.
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