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Author Topic: bots not moving about much  (Read 5250 times)
« on: July 28, 2007, 03:00:57 PM »

i'm learning to use radiant and i've made a simple map, got it to compile and made the aas file for it, but the bots don't really move around much. when i'm in their line of sight they'll move around and attack, but if they can't see me they tend to stand still. does anyone have any idea why?

here's a link to a download page. the zip file contains the .map file and the pk3.

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Depending on the complexity of your map they probably believe that they cant move easily.

Use Botclips to box around complex items. There's a very useful tutorial on the internet about bots, but at the moment I cant remember the address. 

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You shouldn't stick your entities that close to brushes (try to leave 16 or 32 units between walls and entities)... If nothing changes and they don't move AT ALL, that's even worst.
Like kit89 said, try to help bots, there are plenty of textures and entities to do so, like "donotenter" (tell bots to get away from an area), "clusterportal" (it can be used to split your map into smaller rooms and halls to help bots navigation). "item_botroam" entity can sometimes help -I doubt about that on this case- (check the information in GTKRadiant for keys, but basically it works like an item bots wants to reach -- these are not waypoint neither but it works sometimes)...

If it doesn't work... well don't ask me why but I really wonder if it's even possible to have some aas file without using -forcesidesvisible. Check aas compilation to see if it spots any important troubles.
(using -forcesidesvisible will always make functional aas files... but these will be larger and slower to generate than "normal" aas files -- it shouldn't be a solution but that's what I do for now anyway).

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None of the advice given in this thread will "fix" how your bots move in this map (but is helpful information, none the less).  Your bots aren't moving around because there is nothing for them to pick up.  Throw in a few weapons, some ammo, and health items and they will move around picking up items.  Otherwise they will just stand around until they "see" you, move to attack you, and go back to just standing around.

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thanks for the advice guys.

dmn_clown- adding weapons seemed to help.
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