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Author Topic: Scrolling the server list with the mouse wheel  (Read 3004 times)
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« on: August 08, 2007, 02:51:51 AM »

As everyone is probably well aware, you cannot scroll through the server list with the mouse wheel. You need to use the up/down arrows or click on the up/down images. I have a quick fix for those that would like to be able to use the mouse wheel for scrolling through the server list.

In ui_servers2.c, in the function ArenaServers_MenuKey, add the following lines before the
return Menu_DefaultKey( &, key );
at the end of the function.

   if( Menu_ItemAtCursor( & ) == &g_arenaservers.list)
      if( key == K_MWHEELUP )
         ScrollList_Key( &g_arenaservers.list, K_UPARROW );
      else if ( key == K_MWHEELDOWN )
         ScrollList_Key( &g_arenaservers.list, K_DOWNARROW );

The first 'if', makes sure that the server list is the currently selected item on the menu. If you would prefer to scroll the list regardless of where the cursor is, just leave out the first 'if' statement.
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