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Welcome to the OpenArena web site!

OpenArena is a fully GNU GPL multiplayer FPS (First-person shooter) game using a n improved version of the also GPL'd id tech 3 engine.

Our goal is to create original media from scratch, to create a Free, playable game.

WARNING: The game contains violent and racy content not suitable for children under the age of 17.

The game features various game types, such as:
  • Free For All, popularily known as "deathmatch".
  • Tournament, which puts two players fighting at once while everyone else waits for their turn
  • Capture the Flag, in which two teams cooperate to capture the objective
  • Team Deathmatch, in which two teams must destroy eachother until a limit
  • Harvester, as two teams eliminate the other, but gather skulls generated from their kill, and take it to their base  
  • Overload, where the teams must destroy each others' reactor
  • One Flag, a variation of CTF in which they must capture the only flag in the level located in the center
  • Elimination, a round based game type where two teams must eliminate each other and reduce their lives until there are no survivors..
  • CTF Elimination, same as above but with the Capture the Flag rules.
  • Last Man Standing, like Free For All but all players have lives and must survive to win
  • Double Domination, in which two teams must take control of two points in the map and hold them
  • Instant Gib, in which you carry a railgun that instantly deals unlimited supplies of death. It can be applied to any of the above game types.

The current version is 0.8.1, released in October 31, 2008.
The next major version, 0.9.0, is still under development.
Our main focus for the next version is the replacement of invalid textures.
We currently seek texture artists for the above task, and voice actresses for new voices for several existing female player models that recycle the same voice.
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