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Title: Blasphemer 0.0.4 released!
Post by: jute on March 25, 2009, 06:28:51 PM
Blasphemer 0.0.4 can be downloaded here: (

What's new:
+ Snarboo's "Forgotten Stronghold" map (E1M3)
+ Ryathaen's "White Citadel" map (currently E1M7)
+ Frostfang and Blood Sceptre HUD sprites.
+ Colored rune marks by the key doors on E2M1.
+ More textures.
+ Chandelier and Volcano sprites.
+ A few creature sounds.
* Updated Frostfang and Blood Sceptre pickup sprites.
* Tweaked blue key platform on E2M1.
* Updated stalactites/stalagmites and pillar.
* Updated DEHACKED lump with titles for added maps.
* Refined some textures.



We would love to have some contributions, especially maps!


Also, here are some questions/comments from Stilgar to the Doom community:

1. If anyone is itching to make textures and thinks they'd like to try their hand at any of the few remaining ones, they should feel free to do so.  The standard rules apply, content compatible with a three-clause BSD only.  Heretic tridents/chaos-stars should be avoided (pentagrams, inverse-crosses, and swords are the main motifs I've been using for symbols, but no need to feel limited to that).

2. The HHE patch has not been updated with this release.  Given that HHE is old, lacks modern updates, is difficult to use with the latest version of Heretic, and the Blasphemer project will require a source port of some form anyways, is maintaining an HHE patch for Blasphemer of any use?  Do any port coders plan to support HHE?  Changing the in-game messages is desirable to the project, due to different names for the items and a different storyline.

3. If anyone feels the textures that have been changed from previous versions are worse, they should speak up--I've tried to take care in preserving the older versions to return to if needed.  Going along with #1, submitting improved revisions/replacements of textures is okay too.

Title: Re: Blasphemer 0.0.4 released!
Post by: Case on March 25, 2009, 07:01:19 PM
This looks cool but the homepage is an eyesore. If you keep the tiling background you should add the text into a <div> or something. The links to the source and binary are pointing to 0.0.3 right now :/
I managed to find the 0.0.4 zips though but how do I use this wad file? I tried with prboom and got this error "R_TextureNumForName: SW1BRCOM not found" any suggestions?

Title: Re: Blasphemer 0.0.4 released!
Post by: Case on March 25, 2009, 07:03:34 PM
n/m on the prboom question, I saw the earlier post about it only working with ZDoom.

Title: Re: Blasphemer 0.0.4 released!
Post by: Marble of Doom on March 28, 2009, 04:48:23 PM
Looks great! Only problem is it crashes Doomsday Engine every time I complete a map