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Title: Rigging issues
Post by: fromhell on January 29, 2014, 09:56:15 PM
The problem with those free blender rigs out there is that they have an excessive amount of bones and have deformations all intended for CG animation and not game use.  Same goes for tutorials since they deal with bone types that are inappropriate for games. My attempt at a simple rig is questionable:

Anyone experienced with blender have tips on this?  Note the bones with "ik_" in their names. These are the only bones keyed (to make animation much a simpler less demanding task).  The head bone tracks ik_lookatme, forearm bone has an ik constraint to the ik_hand bone.  There are two elbow bones. I'm not even going into secondary animation bones (simple skirt and breasts ik chain exists but are less of an issue)

Title: Re: Rigging issues
Post by: cdavid on May 20, 2014, 08:55:58 PM
I wonder if you are still having problems with this, or if you solve it.

What are the constraints on the upper arms?
Are you using pole targets for the ik constraints?

When using an ik constraint, constraints after the ik constraints wont work (I think).
Also the initial bend for the chain of bones has to be set in edit mode or pose mode, or the chain of bones can bend in different directions.
There is also some advanced settings (Limit/lock Rotation) in the Deform panel (2.6/2.7), for each bone in pose mode.