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Title: [Beta] New GRISM-0 fan skin for Grism! feedback if possible!
Post by: ELR1C_C150utcast on February 23, 2019, 11:53:47 AM
Dropbox DL link (

Dropbox link to view screenshots
(p.s. i'm too paniced to make an Imgur account atm, please bear with me ^_^;  )

Greetings all! I'd like to inform anyone reading this that i've made some [Beta] skins for Grism, aptly named "GRISM-0". To learn more about why its named this way, please check the readme in the folder within the zip file provided! There's an entire section i wrote dedicated to my interpretation of the character!

DISCLAIMER: I guess it goes without saying that this is a fan skin.This is in no way affiliated with anything the devs are working on with OA3 and i myself am not a developer. I'm just a fan who  wanted to make a skin :D
Also since this is a sort of Beta preview, the there are still things missing or outright placeholder i.e. his classic red/blue skins (which are incedently using older iterations of the current Beta stage design for GRISM-0, with a color swap just to properly block out where the colors are supposed to go), his botfiles not having a more unique set of dialogue and behaviour (its straight up Grism's default dialogue and behaviour, with bot support for my interpretation of classsic blue and red)  and the character select icon are the default ones used by sarge since i'm still thinking of a proper icon to represent them. His paintjob and design arent fully complete either.

Context: For the past weeks i've just been playing the Android port of Open Arena by Pelya,with my imagination kinda growing whilst awaiting Open Arena 3 to come out. Sometime then, it just kinda occured to me that maybe, just maybe i should try my hand at skinning a character and putting my own textures to kinda overhaul the design. Of all the characters in the roster that i searched as a starting point, multiplex's Grism felt like it could use some more lovin/overhaulin. Being a test or placeholder character of sorts, the original Grism wasn't really meant to impress anyone; his purpose was to be a working playable character and a practice model that made skinning easy. I thought what better place than to start with Grism.

I wanted to post here because i encountered an issue wherin the model viewer i was using was showing me what i saw on my art app; a vivid and juciy set of colored textures, wheras playing  in game using the android port had a more subdued and slightly less vivrant look to it. fromhell told me that it was due to Overbrights not being implemented in the Android port. Thats where you guys come in. I want you  to download and give the skin a test ride under different lighting conditions if possible, and take screenshots of what it looks like on the current PC build of Open Arena. You are also free to give feedback or constructive criticism and advice as you see fit! I'm counting on you guys!

P.s. when you follow the dropbox link, "" is the attatchment you  download. Out of anxiety from trying to upload tnis post once and failing, i just kinda resorted to uploadin the screenshots to dropbox too. The main file already contains screenshots, but this is just if you want to take a peek at what the skin looks like before trying it out. Speaking about screenshots....

Disclaimer 2!: the screenshots i took are from the Android port of Open Arena, and is running the hunt mod in order to properly showcase the [Beta] skins without weapons obstructing the view. I have a lot more disclaimers written in the Readme file. Yes yes, i know. The dreaded Readme file and reading. I implore you to read it though because it explains the contents of the pk3 a bit/a lot better than i am here, and i kinda worked hard thinking up my extended fan-lore surrounding Grism's character and in relation to the classic blue and red skin overhauls.

Thank you all and have fun fragging with or against [Beta Version of ]GRISM-0!

Title: Re: [Beta] New GRISM-0 fan skin for Grism! feedback if possible!
Post by: Gig on February 25, 2019, 03:06:27 AM
Hi! Nice!
Here's some feedback:

- I like the default color. I'm not so sure about the red skin, as it seems more "pink" than "red".
- It looks like you used a copy of the grism model, but you didn't include a copy of its sounds, as a series of warnings about missing sounds (using default as fallback) are shown in console.
- The readme file uses linux-style end of line (LF) instead of Windows-style end of line (CR LF), so the stupid Windows Notepad shows it all together, and Windows users have to use a better text editor, such as Notepad++.
- I'm sorry to admit I didn't read the "lore" in the readme. At least, not yet.

(PS: Screenshots posted on Discord)

Title: Re: [Beta] New GRISM-0 fan skin for Grism! feedback if possible!
Post by: ELR1C_C150utcast on February 25, 2019, 11:07:12 PM
Thanks for the feedback Gig! I got some feedback for some for the feedback stuff too haha :D

1a)aye thanks! The screenshots you also gave me kinda confirmed my worry that i can't trust the model viewer app i'm using... the screenshots you took look very smilar to what i see when i use the skin on the Android port... so there has to be something with the HD model viewer app thats manipulating the satuaration levels or something

1b) the team skins were using an older version of the current skin; i kinda wanted to figure out if i can trust the HD model viewer app or android port for OA so i skipped converting the current skin to appropriate red and blue skins and just used an older version instead so i could find out already.( hence the lack of textures in his pants and sleeves region etc). I do agree with the pink though... i honestly thought it was going to turn out like a more salmon or bright red, but i guess i just have to take my time color picking for that one once i'm done with the main skin ^_^;

2)i zipped the wrong folder; the one i sent was only mean for the model viewer, but perhaps this somehow turned out for the better because the teamskins wouldnt come out otherwise for testing( that and i didnt name the folders correctly at the time of my sending the wrong folder, so had i sent the actual pk3 the skins wouldnt have worked). am still currently finding a way to have my skin overrride the default red/blue for my own, so the fix may take a while to implement. Will maybe just work on custom icons as an update for now until i can remedy that. Tnx by the way... i didnt know that models needed sounds to accompany it ^_^; i clearly have much to learn

3)i think thats kinda my fault, sorry! I used an app called QuickEdit to make the text file... and well android is technically just Linux made to work for the hardware limitations of a smartphone so i guess thats how that ended up happening?   I guess i just need to copy an existing document, clear it out and replace it with all my readme stuff... or wait an eternity for a new laptop hehe, that too ^_^;

4) nah its alright! It'll be there if you want to read it anway. I wrote some suitibly cheesy backstory to how all the characters under Sarge are related, including Grism, Andriy and my interpretation of ClassicRed and ClassicBlue, so yeah haha XD

Thanks again for the feedback and i'll update whenever possible :)

Title: Re: [Beta] New GRISM-0 fan skin for Grism! feedback if possible!
Post by: ELR1C_C150utcast on February 27, 2019, 01:06:40 PM
Ok so i still havent figured out how to get the teamskins to actually work yet insted of being overriden, but in the meantime i made some custom icons for GRISM-0 and his teamskins!
Download here:

Just in case anyone has a problem figuring out where to put this, just copy amd paste it into the models/GRISM-0 folder where all the other texture stuff is. If it asks you to overwrite, click yes. Now its easier to identify my skins from the default ones in the character select screen! In future and final release of this skin, either this or a much newer and more appropriate set of icons would already be included. For those of you who downloaded to try it out as of 02/23/2019 with the first beta, here you go!

Gonna get back to figuring out what to do there with the teamskins problem, what to do for their botfiles to make them more unique and return to painting the rest of the skin haha. Happy fragging! :D

Title: Re: [Beta] New GRISM-0 fan skin for Grism! feedback if possible!
Post by: ELR1C_C150utcast on March 16, 2019, 08:59:44 AM
Beta Phase 2 is here!

Delete the old GRISM-0 beta pk3 in order to avoid causing problems with the skin's functionality

[Dropbox link]

Changelog (sorta)
+Tried to clean up the colors again for the default skin, and revamped the red and blue teamskins

+Teamskins are now playable! They only work if you select the default GRISM-0 skin due to how q3 team                           
   arena and by extension the pre OA3 code searches for team skins however, and
   are unusuable if you select GRISM-0_Blue or GRISM-0_Red for team games.
   (You can however stil try to and be greeted with an interesting combination of GRISM-0's teamskin
    head on Sarge's default teamskin body; i left it in just for now.... and for lols a bit ^_^;)

+since i finally figured out how to assign my stuff as an actual skin, it no longer needs a all of sarge's model bits to be in the pk3,and is therefore a lot smaller in size than before

+there are now custom character select icons for GRISM-0! No more confusing default sarge for GRISM-0

+fixed the Readme.txt so it works now on normal notepad (i think... i hope XD)

I guess thats about it really. I'm still quite far from conpleting the design and other stuff like having GRISM-0_blue or red switch to the custom teamskin instead of the default (i found a method involving the blue teamskin, red teamskin and botfiles being in their own separate pk3s to make that happen... but considering im not quite done yet and how easy itd be for me to screw up, i thought of waiting for the next release to implement maybe)

Screenshots are no longer necessary, but feedback is very much appreciated!
Happy fragging!

Title: Re: [Beta] New GRISM-0 fan skin for Grism! feedback if possible!
Post by: Gig on March 21, 2019, 08:47:05 AM
+fixed the Readme.txt so it works now on normal notepad (i think... i hope XD)
I'm sorry, but it doesn't.

Also, in the .zip it looks like there is an empty folder with empty name... (it's not a real problem, however I noticed this odd detail).