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Author Topic: r_lodbias only for a few players and weapons?  (Read 11436 times)
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« on: August 16, 2008, 03:09:59 AM »

It seems like r_lodbias only affects some player and weapon models, and not others (more often so).  Is this intentional, or is it just me?  (Should I call my physician?)

(It seems unclear to me which ones were under what criteria, if there were any.  For example, for the ones introduced in 0.7.0 (and 0.6.0):

Yes for Arachna, Angelyss, Merman, Sergei, (Kyonshi),
no for Ayumi, Beret, Liz, Penguin, Skelebot, Tony, (Major).

Player and weapon models added/modified after 0.7.0 are also apparently not affected by r_lodbias, including the venerable Sorceress and Beret models.)

It seems to lessen the effect of the model detail slider, especially for more conservative hardware...
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that's because the other models don't have _1/_2 md3s with them yet. LOD'ing is a process that usually is done after the model is most definitely, consistently finished geometry-wise.

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