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Author Topic: Server issue [SOLVED]  (Read 3210 times)

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« on: June 20, 2007, 08:38:48 PM »

Hi I have'nt posted in awhile my apologies, Busy, busy, busy,. Anyhow found a decent el cheapo server rig for forty bucks " Thanks to military surplus and government spending". And decided to have oa server running on it . The specs are as follows P4 2.66 cpu 1 gig pc 2700 ddr 1 Fujitsu max 37 gig 12000 rpm scsi drive which did'nt come with the rig but I thought it would be a nice addon no video it's dedicated when set up.

I have 2 questions A: max players whats the recommended setting for this rig. I'm planning on  running this on a 7mbs connection and question 2 bots? where did they go? I've tried the standard settings and no bots are found is there something obvious I'm missing Like a pak file. If so feel free to reply so I can get this thing up and running . Thanks Smiley.

Sigh Make that 3 questions I figured out how to add the bots and assume this pc could handle up to 12-16 players no problem now how would one get a dedicated server to actually post to the internet from a shared wired connection via a link sys router I've tried the obvious setting but it only is read as a lan game on the other pc. and does not show up on the internet games list @ all. Thanks for any suggestions.

Okay all issues solved it involved port forwarding on my link sys router If for future reference anyone has the same issue here's the link that got me up and running @ the end of this post. Anyhow Thor's 40$ OA server is up I have downloading enabled and if you dont have some of the maps i suggest you do likewise so feel free to play. Have Fun!!!
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