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Author Topic: [OQ+] tnQuake v0.23  (Read 4485 times)

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« on: September 27, 2009, 01:01:08 AM »

Hi it's a source port, it's intended to be what would have been called Take soon. I need to merge my Take particles into this one. QIP based again.

What this has so far, is:
- half-assed low detail feature (v_detail)
- darkplaces' bobbing code (cl_bobmodel cvars / cl_bobby to choose one of 4 styles of bobbing)
- lower minimal memory requirement (you can run this on 5mb machines in DOS, provided the data is compact enough to do so)
Included in the zip is a archive of the source code, and Win32 / DOS binaries. This requires CWSDPMI btw.

Please review the tnquake.txt file.
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