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Author Topic: MD5 Support - would it be useful?  (Read 6788 times)

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« on: July 04, 2011, 03:18:03 AM »

Greetings, fellow nerds.

I've been coding a mod for Q3/OA for a bit, and i'm now in the process of introducing MD5 support. The progress has been good so far, if anything goes fine, it will be complete in a few days.
(screenies of MD5 loaded in the mod)

I will release the code once finished. Would you have any use for it if I also refit the code for 0.8.5?

-The current implementation combines up to three animations for each model (that would be legs anim, upper anim, and head anim).
-The animation files (.md5anim) are loaded by an additional entry in the animations.cfg file, expected if a .md5mesh load has been successful.
-It is supposed to load one single model for lower and upper character, possibly even the head.
-The effect of looking up or down (not yet implemented) works by deforming a bone with a particular name (e.g. you're looking down by 60°, the "head" bone is deformed by 60° down and the "lower torso" bone is deformed by 15°)

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MD5 does not store normals information, this means it'll look VERY BAD in game by having terrible shading.

so, not useful at all.

A better format would be MDR (Raven MD4 with no bone hierarchy) and IQM (once the implementations stop sucking)

asking when OA3 will be done won't get OA3 done.
Progress of OA3 currently occurs behind closed doors alone

I do not provide technical support either.

new code development on github

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You mean vertex normals?

If that's the case, they're calculated and stored on loading.

(By the way, I didn't code all of the loader myself. I borrowed md5mesh loader and some math functions from XReal - I kept the files separated to avoid credit issues.)

EDIT: I stand corrected, the normals calculated in loading time were not enough. I solved the problem calculating them in rendering instead. It's more resource-intensive and all, but on the upside you can have one model per player instead of 3 parts.

Maybe it would even be possible to calculate them on loading and then simply deform them, as a sort of compromise. Maybe.

Anyway, all things considered I guess you'll still want to stick with MD3 lol
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