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Author Topic: Weapon replacements on Roadmap  (Read 6806 times)

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« on: May 27, 2010, 12:48:56 AM »

Just wondered as to the state of the weapon model replacements.

I personally like to play with a lower FOV (call me weird) but unfortunately this makes the weapons look very low poly. Also low FOV is the default, so any new players are likely to see this issue too.

I've only just gotten into OA, (since 0.8.5) so maybe I haven't earned this "complaint," but I thought it might be useful to take the perspective of a new player adopting the game at this stage.

Now I'll be really dickish and explain my love/hate my first/early thoughts on each model. I won't talk about the mission pack ones though, I have barely touched on them

Gauntlet: I guess this looks cool, would be nice if it looked a bit "sharper" though. As it stands it looks more like it was made from stone than metal. No chance of some curved teeth?

Machinegun: Well I guess I'm not an ideal person to talk about this, as I always hated the Q3 mg, and this one is clearly trying to maintain that idea but with what looks like a steam-punk rework. I'm fairly sure that OA would be set in the future although I guess there isn't much point of reference, why can the OAmg not look like fat submachinegun. I always thought the Q2 mg was very cool.

Shotgun: I actually quite like the current sg, it would be a shame if it was changed I think, unless it was just remodelled for technical reasons.

Rocket: This weapon definitely looks nicer with a higher FOV, at default it just looks like it should be in quake 1! This is a shame as from 3rd person it clearly has more detail. Good to hear it will be remodelled then Smiley

Plasma: I quite like the plasma howevr as far as I'm concerned, the plasma rifle from Doom 3 has take a big fat dump on every plasma rifle attempt in any other game. I guess the extra reload animations help with the D3 version though, but having the gun vent steam makes me feel so empowered. If the remodelling pushes it more toward D3 then super cool Smiley

Grenade Lawnchair: I always hated the GL from Q3, maybe I was just crap with it, but the OA GL really feels nice to me. I guess it could use a bit more detail, but the shape feels good.

Railgun: Again, like the RL, from default FOV it really looks crap. Yes it has the animated skin, but for some reason it feels like I'm running around trying to hold a crocodile under my arm ( :S ). Making it nicer for us default FOVers would be nice Cheesy

Lightning Gun: I feel bad not liking this one, as it feels like alot of work has gone into it. I guess I just miss the animation on the weapon from Q3, is there no chance of some idle electrical arcing being introduced?

BFG: Must admit I've not had much use of this, but I do think the 3rd person view looks pretty cool Smiley

Again, not trying to piss anybody off, just thought I'd offer my noob opinion as a noob opinion!


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« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2010, 02:00:15 AM »

I agree about the gauntlet, It needs some serious work. It's sound effects are pretty bad too...

I'm too tired to discuss the other weapons. :p


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