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Author Topic: Sounds Resupplied by Dan  (Read 12274 times)
Ok i've posted twice!

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« on: November 14, 2010, 02:02:52 AM »

After being issued an assignment by my university to redo the sound for Open Arena, I figured I might as well..

So here we go, welcome to the DanPAK.

V1 has new sounds for the following:

All new sounds and voices for ARACHNA, including footsteps (stored in fleash.wav)

 All new ambient sounds for the Level OA_RGP3DM2. They are harmonically related so as you walk abou the place the various ambient noises make a kind of chord, which changes where ever you go.

 Also all the weapons have been red done sound wise (although the Rocket explosions and Gauntlet are very quiet, and a programmer needs to get in there and make them louder, I've done what I can with the sounds without clipping them)

 I paticularly like my shotgun and rail gun.. (shot gun made with a drawer of cuttlery Smiley )

A new commentator (not supported in multiplayer yet Im afraid)

 Also Ive made some new sounds for items like health, mega health, and the various pickups that featured in  OA_RPG3DM2.

Its a start.. personally I stick with the original gib noises, but the rest is pretty rad.

If you want to try it and tell me what u think, I might look into getting the other guys from Uni to contirbute to a more wholistic sound PAK. To really experience it, load up OS_RPG3DM2 with a pile of arachnas to blast through! their ticky ticky footsteps are creepy as!

if the link stops working, email me on evilghandi(a)

anyway, downloads it from here - know the deal, put the pk3 file in your baseoa folder..

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« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2010, 02:35:38 AM »

A lot of your sounds are in stereo. You're aware that stereo sounds ignore spatialization right? Anything stereo played in-game will be heard all over the map. This is why stereo sound effects are restricted to "local" sounds like announcers and music. Right now, anyone picking up armor shards and the like near you is heard at full volume. This is annoying.

Some sounds go on for far too long, for example the item sounds (using a casio!?). This would create too much sound channel congestion. Same for some world sounds, like that 8mb monitor sound.

It's funny how banging a drawer real hard makes convincing shotgun firing. Door slamming also makes good pistols. Too bad we don't have pistols. Sad

Many of the ambients sound the same - i don't think outdoor wind should sound like a busted old computer monitor  Tongue

Cute rocket launcher sounds though! sounds strangely anime appropriate even if you can hear a bit of microphoneblowness. The rocket explosion noise is unfortunately very quiet no matter what. It's the sound spatialization in the engine that's doing it - I even put q3's spatialization quake once and that gave me quiet explosions there too Tongue

The gauntlet sounds are awesome thuogh fstratck needs a nice fleshy thump.

Railgun whoa it's a 50cal sniper rifle that suddenly shoots up into the air from intense recoil!

I don't like the gibs or the lightning - it's too distorted and the gib splats go a bit far too long. "gibsplt" is the gibbing, "gibimp" are impacts of the gibs on the world

The landing sound is the most distracting sound. Anyone landing sounds like a distressed seal.

70's bullet ricochet noise?! i admit I don't know how to make convincing ricochets synthetically myself but a 'wow' flange won't cut it there. Pitch shift ramping might do better

The flesh footstep noises to a bit too long and sound almost like basketball dribble (holy crap that reminds me - q2 bball needs a remake lol)

BFG reminds me of a obscure Quake2 'black hole' noise. I'm not saying it is but you've probably used the same filter to accomplish that. You using Cool Edit / Adobe Audition? That's what id used in production of Quake sound effects.

Good work!
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« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2010, 07:37:14 AM »

I quickly tried the pack, nice work Wink

First impressions were: the overall sounds a little ethereal, atmospheric and sometimes blubby/water-like. I had to put headphones to distinguish sounds because I play on a laptop with very poor speakers, but which are enough when I play OA usually.

Some things I liked:
- The plasma balls when shot
- Taking into account Arachna has more than 2 feets !
- The railgun

Some things I liked less:
- The whisteling when shooting a rocket
- The modulating bandpass filter effect on the travelling plasma (if I'm right Cheesy)

That was of course a quick try, I haven't tested yet every sound. Only advise would be: some of the effects are maybe overdone (too much reverb, or too ethereal). That said I'm not even a wannabe sound engineer and my try was really made quick so feel free to ignore my considerations Cheesy

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Ok i've posted twice!

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« Reply #3 on: November 30, 2010, 07:45:18 AM »

cheers for the feedback gents.

STEREO that explains alot.. im pretty keen to fix that up straight away..

i got 79% from this project from uni, but unfortunately lost 10% for it being handed in late  Undecided

ah well.. yeah most of those critiques i agree with.. ill let you in on a little secret.. the whole thing came together in about 2 days Wink so if its a little rough around the edges, thats not so bad for a first draft.  at the moment im head-down-bums-up in a short movie sound editing job, which is really coming together (helps to have weeks to spend on it than days)

next version, when i ever i get time for it, should come up much more polished. go back to the original gibs i think, and fix the plasma balls, landing sound, and see if anyone else in the course has good effects for the rest of the game Cheesy

ciao yall..

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