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Author Topic: Garry Newman didn't respond to email  (Read 6823 times)

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« on: January 06, 2015, 06:24:29 PM »

grey matter told me to email Garry Newman in Sandbox mod for OpenArena in the other "General" forum, but I said it didn't work. I don't want any Cube Engine trolls to attack this topic.
Here is the story if you don't remember:
I got GMod on July 31 and played until August 17. My CQ56 was broken on August 19, so I got a gaming computer in mid-September. I tried to play Garry's Mod in October but I kept crashing to desktop when I load a map. I used to be able to play with "too many addons," but Garry's Mod is always crashing when I load any map, everything I tried  Cry My father told me to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid,) but I hated that advice  Lips Sealed Cry I tried to deactivate all addons but it STILL did not work.

Here is what happened in the previous topic.
I'm done with the discussion; my opinion sticks to the "how not to start a mod" article.
That's why nobody is responding to the previous topic I posted.
Any way, I think you should go fap on Gmod now.
Any way, I think you should go fap on Cube now.
I don't have an EFFIN FETISH!!!
Then you certainly did not figured out the meaning of "how not to start a mod" if you're requesting for help on your mod.
I don't wan't everyone to pick on me because my "mod" is failing. Besides, the bully article "how not to start a mod" is for CUBE, not ID TECH!
Here is an article which would be very helpful for you. You can thank me later.
It's not helpful at all!
A guy steps in asking for help and all he gets is bullshit. I've seen this a thousand of times. It even happened to me some times.
Apparently, common courtesy is really lacking these days.

Here is an article which would be very helpful for you. You can thank me later.

This evoke me The "others will do it" theory.
Those articles also reminded me of the worst parts of any community.
Neon_Knight is telling the truth! Thanks Neon_Knight!

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« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2015, 01:05:52 PM »

Weren't you choosing for Xonotic?

As I start to feel sorry for you; I'll try to help you a bit with getting help.
First of all;
- What kind of help are you expecting? Guidance through the engine? Assistance with coding? Just suggestions and advices?
You've stated you need help with the mod, yet not what kind of help. So tell them what kind of help.
- Which of the features you've stated could you do on your own?
I know you've listed things already which you might be able to, but is this also counting for the list of features?
- Show us some of your previous projects you've accomplished personally or within a team?
This gives people a way better view what kind of individual they are helping. Don't be afraid with some screenshots or artwork if possible.
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« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2015, 03:52:15 AM »

Excuse me... are you searching for help about playing a certain mod which for some reason is crashing in OA, or about writing your own mod?

PS: Link to the previous thread:

I never want to be aggressive, offensive or ironic with my posts. If you find something offending in my posts, read them again searching for a different mood there. If you still see something bad with them, please ask me infos. I can be wrong at times, but I never want to upset anyone.

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« Reply #3 on: January 10, 2015, 03:05:27 PM »

 Undecided I am adapting to Xonotic and the Darkplaces engine, so I need to join the Xonotic forum. I have not fully adapted yet; so I've been playing other sandbox games like Minecraft, and I got/made a lot of concepts for my Xonotic mod. BTW, my mod has been in development hell since like 2009. It means it never got past the planning stage. It shortly got out of the planning stage on 2014 July 31, but went back in the planning stage on 2014 August 17-19.

P.S. I found GMod is not only affected by the problem. All my Source games are affected in some way. Anarchy Arcade crashes when I try to move in-game, HL2 suffers the same crash as GMod, and TF2 doesn't even load.

Edit 4:17 PM EST I fixed the spelling error in the word "are" in the sentence about all my Source games being affected by the crash.
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