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Author Topic: Udi's public domain photos  (Read 6054 times)

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« on: October 08, 2009, 01:45:21 PM »

I took some photos on Monday and Tuesday and released them with the CC0 license, so they are public domain (thanks for the advice Sago). The photos are not professional, but good quality and pretty high resolution. They are separated according to the surfaces and uploaded to my site, here's the link:

408 pictures and almost 800 megabytes all together. Please note that these are unedited photos, so they need a lot of work before you can actually use them. Since they are public domain you can use them where you want, I will certainly rely on them for some OA textures.
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Perhaps you should change the thread title to "photos", since "textures" means something which is usable (or close to usable) in-game.

P.S. cheers for this, should be really useful.
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