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What is Haktoria?
Haktoria is a Free Content project for the H*x*n II GPL source licensed under the GNU GPL v2. It will also cover "Hworld" and "Portals", and it may have an "expanded" version with new features and gameplay tweaks at some point.

The style it will take will be in a drastically departing style not similar to the original game but those of its predecessors. It will also take on a serious anime style for the character design. There will be less puzzles, and more killing. Much more killing. And bigger levels. And even a new palette (since there really isn't much stuff to be 'compatible' with anyway)
There will be no sheep.

Project renamed to Haktoria, and progress is starting! Check out the forums for the latest contributions.

The SVN link has been fixed and the site has been upgraded with projects linking to other FSFPS projects.

Site is open.

No releases available to download yet.

You can't check out the current SVN revision at:

Building (Win32):

Building (Linux):

The latest WIP media is in the forums
Private Test (08-05-02)

You can go to the forums here.

leilei - Project leader, modeler
ajapted - Tools author (qpakman)
Eriance - Concept artist
Stilgar - Map texture artist, concept artist

:D This web page is updated on October 15, 2008
Haktoria is licensed under the GNU GPL v2