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Current Release: 0.8.8
Released: Feb 2012
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Next Release: 3.0.0 (aka OA3, content reboot)
ETA: ???!?!

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Character Animation
  • - Blender 2.49 (MD3 export) / 2.6
    - Must know IK
    - Strict frame list

Concept Art
  • - Players with balanced figure proportion and design
    - Unrealistic, shapely weapons optimised for identification
    - Anime style mandatory (for 'optimal' player visual in fast game)

  • - Actresses that can make convincing 'ouches'
    - Voice chatter for missionpack (Lines)

If you can help, you can get started with reading this.


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OpenArena is a community-produced deathmatch FPS based on GPL idTech3 technology.

There are many game types supported including Free For All, Capture The Flag, Domination, Overload, Harvester, and more.

Uses the OpenGL 1.x graphics API.
OpenArena Community Mappack Volume 1 v3 Re-Release

January 19, 2014, 06:43:52 pm - Neon_Knight

Due to some certain problems, first with a pair of bugs and then with a non-Free asset, the OpenArena Community Mappack Volume 1 had to be, well, repackaged. The good thing is that this time the 100% of it is still GPLv2-compliant. Server admins who are going to use the pack should delete the old versions of this pack (and if you were using betas, those as well) and use this new version instead. Likewise, people who's going to mirror this pack must use this version and delete the older ones.

And, in the name of the OACMP team, sorry for all of the inconveniences!

For information about the pack, head this way.

We are also gauging interest for the second volume, so if you like to map, we're waiting for you in the Maps subforum!

0.8.8 released!

February 20, 2012, 03:34:27 am - fromhell

- Mac is back!
- Two new single player campaign tiers
- New maps:

- New player model: Neko.   
- Specular maps have been added to many player and weaponsmodels. These can be disabled by turning off detail textures.
- Invulnerability powerup and effects
- Grappling hook model, shader, and sounds
- Angelyss, Gargoyle have been reanimated
- Liz and SMarine animation glitches fixed
- Music
- Many of the old maps got entity tweaks, gametype unlocking and other fixes.
- Benchmark demo
- Fixed TEAMMATE kill message bug.
- Prevent team changing and disconnect from changing team score in Team Deathmatch.
- Don't let vampire resurrect dead players.
- Now uses FFA spawnpoints in domination.
- Workaround for Kamikaze bug.
- g_autonextmap added ("Auto change level" in the menu). Randomly picks a new map once the current map has ended. The maps allowed for each gametype are configurable.
- You can now see how much health the obelisk have left in Overload
- Autoswitch weapon can now be set to only change to better or new weapons.
- Chat beep can be disabled in options.
- Changed default customvotefile to customvote.cfg.
- Added the possibility for spawning in waves. The cvar g_respawntime says how often players should spawn.
- Added a CVAR g_voteBan X - bans a player for X minutes using the KK-admin system
- Added g_gravityModifier (default 1.0) that modifies g_gravity relatively to the value set by the map.
- Additional dmflags. Most notably "Fast weapon switch" and "No self damage".
- Added a CVAR g_damageModifier to modify damage of all weapons and triggers.
- Added replace_* cvars like disable_*. Can be used like "set replace_weapon_shotgun weapon_bfg" for replacing shutgun by BFG.
- Handicap is reset to 100 once returned to the main menu. It is no longer changeable thorugh the GUI to prevent new players from hurting themself.
- Added "Click to respawn"-me...

Site theme change

October 15, 2011, 11:00:09 am - fromhell

UPDATE: It has been reverted.
Thanks for the feedback!

I've temporarily changed the theme of the site to gather opinions about it.

It's not permanent; the site will return to its old azure self in a week.

Also, Neko's in the random header.  She's still not done unfortunately, all the attempts at rigging her so far have been bad.

There will be no swords.

September 13, 2011, 03:22:46 am - fromhell


ATTENTION/FYI: New players

July 25, 2010, 12:28:18 pm - fromhell

Setting a "Handicap" will make you WEAKER.

If you find online play frustrating, check and see that you have turned off Handicap.

The purpose of this setting is for personal challenges, and players that are aware that they're too good in certain servers. It will not make you stronger!

Thank you!

p.s. Generations Arena really needs the Hovertank, Dangerous Dave and the Catacomb guy

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